Who are we?
weddinginportdouglas.com.au is run by Ben and Cath, who have been involved with weddings in Port Douglas for over 10 years.  We also operate the Port Douglas Wedding Lounge and Sass Photography and have been a part of over 500 weddings to date.  We partner with the best local suppliers many of whom are friends and have worked with us extensively. We are all happy to help and flexible so please ask us anything 🙂
What actually is an elopement? 
By definition to elope means to “run away secretly in order to get married”.  By not telling anyone and just pretending to go on a ‘normal’ holiday you can avoid awkward conversations about which relatives or friends get invited and as a result, make everything simple (and cheap).  Telling everyone afterward and then having a ‘post-wedding party’ once getting home can be a great alternative to a traditional wedding.  A compromise involves telling others but letting them know your wish as a couple to make it just the two of you, or bringing along your parents or best friend.  Whilst technically this is no longer an elopement, we happily blur the lines and often have a few extras along.  This can be great for support on the day, and of course, your friend or family member can be the official witness for the ceremony.
When does an elopement become a wedding?  
Occasionally once word gets out that an ‘elopement’ is on, the guest list starts to grow.   There are no hard and fast rules for what we call a wedding vs an elopement, but if it starts turning into a large production, has a substantial bridal party or more than 10 guests then we can call that a small wedding and we have a package to suit.  This package allows for the extra co-ordination and arrangement involved,  extra logistics, materials and extra photography time.
What if it rains?
Wet weather is unusual between June and November, however, it happens, so having a backup ceremony location is advised.  Whilst we are happy to help arrange this and hire a venue, additional costs are applicable.  For example, we can book the Sugar wharf for you (POA), or we can add a St Marys by the Sea ceremony to any of the above packages rather than using an outdoor venue.  Contact us for more details on the options available.
For more helpful information on planning check out this page on the Port Douglas Wedding Lounge. 
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